Annika Ranin is a freelance producer, line producer and consultant with multifaceted experience in content creation, financing and project management in the creative industries including film, TV, advertising, and radio. Annika holds an MA Degree in Film Distribution and Marketing from Birmingham City University and currently consults for a film distributor in film marketing and acquisitions. 

In 2019 Annika teamed up with Jasmin Morrison to start their own production outfit Unmannered Limited, which focuses on projects with a strong artistic approach and international commercial viability. Their first feature Boarders, about British skateboarding was released in July 2021. 

Annika has a background in journalism and has always had a big fat love for documentaries. 

"Very promising young producer"

- Kimmo Syväri

Director, Koski Syväri

"Annika's competence and her ability to be creative represent a pioneering approach, and are well fitted to the needs of an early adapting modern media house." 

- Miika Särmäkari

Editor in Chief, Basso Media