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People powered cinema to ease DIY theatrical?

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Earlier this week I had the chance to Skype with Philippine Mignot from OurScreen about their platform and its progression over the past 2 years. I was very intrigued about the possibilities that the platform gives, not only to the audiences, but equally to filmmakers; using OurScreen as an alternative route for a theatrical run as part of DIY distribution.

OurScreen is a service, founded in 2014, that allows anyone to book a film from their vast catalogue to be screened at a local cinema. Currently OurScreen hosts over 500 films in their library and they partner with over 65 cinemas across the UK. If enough tickets are sold, the screening goes forward. The amount of tickets needed to be sold is determined by a threshold value which includes the film’s rent and the venue’s rent. Pretty straightforward.

What makes it even simpler is that OurScreen has the relationship with the venues already in place. Few clicks and you can get going. From an indie filmmaker's perspective, OurScreen minimises the risk as you do not pay for the cinema in advance - you merely get the tickets moving, and when done successfully, the screening takes place. When it comes to screening your own work through OurScreen, a BBFC certification and a DCP will do, no other gatekeepers are in place.

Here is what is said at their website about filmmakers screening their own work..

Wired referred to OurScreen as ‘democratising cinema’ by giving the power to the people. Equally the platform democratises distribution, by easing the way into a theatrical run which even as unprofitable, can be an important boost for the film's status in other rights categories - hence something to pursue!

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